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What is the most effective social networking site?

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Simon Hamer - Social Media Management
Creating Influence to get Results on Social Networking PDF Print E-mail
Written by Simon Hamer   
Thanks for looking.
What are the 7 secrets of Social Media Influence and success, have you perfected them all?
Why do Ecademy's Blackstars ask me to manage their twitter profiles for them ?
Have the people you think of as Social Media experts been recommended by others to quote Universities for their social media needs?
As above ... been asked to quote two Billionnaires?
Ask yourself something, how long do you spend networking?
What could you do with your time if you were not doing this yourself?
What does your networking REALLY bring you?
Have you paid for training on social media?
How long ago was it, and what is the real effect in your pocket?
ie was it worth it, did it get YOU results?
What level of experience would you want if you were to pass your social media to someone, Bank Manager, Debt Counsellor, Sales Director, Network Marketing Professional, steel industry, land owner, plastics industry .... YES I've done all of those, still a Land Owner !

So why do I do social media, because I love it and it allows me the freedom to live my life the way I choose.

Check out my Influence here
Fast Company's Influence Project with 23,000 registered, where are you ranked.
18th on LinkedIn's All Times List of Questions answered.... with expertise in dozens of categories for Best Answers.
Listed on Twellow under Ecademy

Check out some of my clients twitter profiles
Melinda Sorensson
Leda Rasmussen
Kasy Young

and some of my recent causes, I'm promoting for free.
Stop Bullying included in the Pepsi challenge for $100,000
I declare World Peace

I do this is for my income, this is not my wealth builder.
If I take you on, I may decide not to, you will be glad I did.
I do not bill, you pay up front, month by month, minimum term 3 months.

As ever, Simon
Fun, friendly and E-ffective
The Visibility Extremist

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Visibility Extremist PDF Print E-mail

Image & Brand Auditor, Extreme Visibility Consultant, online visibility specialist, SNO, SEO and SEM. Creating grace on the net. Social networking and media management.

Google gets you seen. Yawn !

Here's your reputation destroyer.
Your staff, your SEO and your web design company are not going to tell YOU they've done a bad job for YOU. They may not even know they are incompetent... and they surely will not advise YOU they are less useful than YOU think they are !

You need independent unbiased opinion to get a true perception of how the world sees you or your company. That is me !

True Examples
I went on a site for media consultants.... so you would agree they understand media ... and its uses.... but their video did NOT load quickly and it did NOT play properly ... and the previous 11 videos on other sites, I'd watched that day had all loaded and played perfectly.

Here's another example you upload a video to Youtube, but what speed does it need to view it properly, and what speed can they download it at, will it play properly, do you get anyone to check?
Had an email this morning 2 April 2009... after 12 minutes the 7 minute video was 1 minute in... I clicked close, and moved on.

I've clicked on many sites, and I get no idea about whether I want to employ their services or not .... so being undecided, I move on ... and the money they've spent on getting seen is wasted, simply squandered.


  • Online perception auditor, banking, debt reduction, debt advice, counselling.
  • Visibility Extremist
  • Managing Perception
  • Seeing it as it is.
  • System creation to save time.
  • Creative Marketing solutions.
  • Networking.
  • Ebook author.
  • Mentoring.
  • Viral Marketing.
  • Guerrilla Marketing.
  • Counselling.
  • Creating a team spirit.Very off the wall unusual approach.
  • Building strong long term relationships.
  • Long reputation of training teams in differing industries...